20th Annual Gift of Life Softball Tournament: This Week August 27-29th

We are sponsoring a truly inspiring event this week! The Plymouth Gift of Life Softball Tournament was started in 1991 by Stan & Janis Struve and Dan Schmitz to help pay the medical bills and travel expenses of Struve’s sister Judy Lensmeire who need a bone marrow transplant. Since then, a different person with a serious illness has benefited from the event. Teams can be school teams, families, or special interest groups. Prizes are awarded and other fundraising events include a “Shave For Life” and Bowling Tournament, and the 5th Annual Motorcycle Ride!

There are three recipients this year:

David Wallace
David Wallace- David was born with cerebral palsy, and has required multiple surgeries throughout his life. His disability has led to many complications and he continues to experience deterioration as he ages. He has never been able to walk without crutches, resulting in pain and stress on his upper body and shoulders. Those who know him say David has always just wanted to be treated normally, be as independent as possible, and do so with as little pain as possible.

Sandy Prahl & Family
Sandy Prahl- Sandy was diagnosed with Stage 3 Fallopian Tube Cancer in 2010. She underwent extensive surgery that allowed doctors to realize she was actually in stage 4, and she had several organs removed. After her surgery she suffered extreme complications that involved excruciatingly painful procedures over many months of treatment. Sandy is an involved mother of three, a hard worker, and dedicated community member. Receiving help from the Gift of Life can help her and her family keep their business and their home. Her friend states, “They have actively helped others for as long as I have known them and this is our time to show them we care and are willing to return the favor to such extraordinary people. ”

Butch Schilsky & Family
Butch Schilsky- In 2008, Butch was diagnosed with a blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS. This disease requires Butch to received periodic blood transfusions for the rest of his life. In 2010 Butch was also diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, the treatment of which is complicated by his blood disorder. He is receiving chemotherapy and we hope the cancer can be put into remission! His son says “We live in a unique community where people will step up and help out a friend or a stranger. My dad is not a man of many words or an emotional person, but I can assure you this touches him and he thanks all of you for being there.”